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Current Projects

Tractor  Needed!!!

We are in desperate need of a tractor to clear and maintain the property.  We are working diligently to prepare building sites, place an access road, and so much more as we keep moving forward with the boy's home!   

Project Goal-$15,000.00

Tractor Pic.jpg

Current Total-$15,000.00

- Used 40hp Tractor            with/ Front End Loader

- 5' Brush Hog

- 5' Box Blade

- Post Auger

Two Ways You Can Help: 






Goal Reached!!!

1. You give a tax deductible donation on our secure giving page.  Write "Tractor" in the comments. 

Click HERE to Give.

2. You can donate farm equipment listed.  You will receive a non-cash donation receipt for the value of the equipment donated.

To donate equipment email us at or

call us at 940-257-4111.

***any additional proceeds raised will be appropriated to similar future projects.***

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