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Build the House
Building Campaign

We are building the house!!!  We have set our sights on breaking ground on the group home in 2023!!!! 

This home will serve as a FOREVER home for displaced children or kids currently in the foster care system.  We are committed to being a forever family for children who do not have a permanent place to call home.  

Currently, when a child turns 18 they are on their own.  They are removed from the foster care system where many times they face a future without roots.  They live untethered to a family unit and statistically the results are devastating, leaving them with 1 of 4 most likely outcomes: homelessness, imprisonment, human trafficked or death.  

We believe this is unacceptable and are dedicating our lives to changing this reality!  We are committed to being a forever family and providing the support, the roots, and heritage that every person needs to be successful in life!!!!  

That is why we need YOU to help us

Build The House!!! 

For more information or to request a mission packet please email us at

Phase 1 Complete
Phase 2 Begins!! 

We have reached our Phase 1 Goal of $100,000.00 in our Build the House Campaign!!  We are breaking ground on our Main home/Headquarters in 2024!!!!  

With the completion of Phase 1, we are now launching Phase 2 with our goal of $150,000.00.

Phase 2

$150,000.00 Goal

$135,000.00 Remaining



Click the Rising Sons Boys Ranch Brand Below to Give:

Future Home

Become a Partner!!

Vision without partnership fails in becoming reality. 
Our goals and dreams are too lofty to accomplish without people like YOU!  
Please consider joining us in our mission! 
To learn more about becoming a partner
click HERE!

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